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KeyServer Mission and Purpose

The Dartmouth KeyServer's primary mission is to:

  • Support computing instruction and academic uses of costly software, and
  • Allow public clusters to be equipped with piracy-protected licensed software.

All additional uses of the KeyServer are subject to these uses' priorities. Such third order uses may include the occasional user, opening files that are in a native application format unavailable to the user's normal array of software tools, or the use of software on a "test-drive" evaluation for developing academic or administrative systems.

The KeyServer's mission does not include the campus-wide support of office productivity tools outside such occasional use or simple file translation. KeyServer-controlled software should not be viewed by anyone as a means to avoid purchasing their own software licenses for tools they use regularly.

If, after using KeyServer software to "test-drive" an application, you decide that tool is one you will plan to use regularly, you should purchase your own license. In every case and at any time, computer and academic instruction uses preempt any other use.

KeyServed software can be run on Macintosh or Windows computers that have the "KeyAccess" utility installed and are connected to the Dartmouth network. The KeyAccess utility can be obtained from the Software Download site as well.

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Last Updated: 3/14/11