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Retention Policies

E-mail Retention

Backups of the e-mail servers are only retained for 14 days. Any message in any active DND account will remain in the account until it is deleted by the user, or until the expiration date of the message (set by the individual user) has past. If a message is accidentally deleted by a user, as long it has been in their account overnight, the user will have 14 days from the date it was deleted to have it restored from a backup tape.

Oracle Calendar Retention

Oracle Calendar data are only retained for 4 years. Data further back than 4 years is purged and not retained on backup media. If you require data from the Oracle Calendar system further back than 4 years, you should regularly export that information to a text file using the Export Data command found under the File menu in the Oracle Calendar program.

Server Log Retention

Logs on the central name servers, the e-mail servers, the WebAuth server, and the network address translation logs are purged after 14 days. Backup copies of these logs are not maintained beyond 14 days.

Last Updated: 1/24/10