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Spam Policy: Junk E-mail

Spam is Internet slang for junk e-mail. Some advertisers use spam e-mail as a way of sending their marketing materials to large numbers of recipients.

Do Not Reply

Senders of junk e-mail often provide a "remove" address, where a request can be made for removal from the list. We recommend that you not reply to the sender, because it has been our experience that such requests are not honored, but instead are used to create lists of validated e-mail addresses that are then resold, resulting in the propagation of even more junk e-mail.

What You Can Do

Computing Services considers junk e-mail to be an unfair use of resources, and while we cannot prevent off-campus users from sending such junk e-mail, Computing Services does provide a program called SpamAssassin that allows you to automatically filter most junk e-mail out of your In Box and into a folder that you specify in your e-mail account.

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Last Updated: 1/24/10