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BlitzMail Storage Policies

To prevent the BlitzMail system from becoming overwhelmed by the number of stored messages, Computing Services has implemented the following graduated storage policies for messages.

  • Users with more than 500 MB of stored BlitzMail messages will be reminded when they log into their BlitzMail account that they should reduce their stored BlitzMail messages.
  • Users with more than 550 MB of stored BlitzMail messages will be reminded every time they send a message that they should reduce their stored BlitzMail messages.
  • Users with more than 600 MB of stored BlitzMail messages will not be able to send messages, although they will continue to receive them.

The size of stored BlitzMail messages includes enclosures and attachments to stored messages, as well as messages in your trash if your trash has not been emptied.

Check Your Storage

You can check how much storage you are using by clicking the green File Cabinet icon in BlitzMail and looking at the Total Size number at the bottom of the Folders window. Note that the total is given in KBytes; divide that number by 1,000 to compute the value in megabytes. For example, if the Total Size amount shown is 3644K, that is approximately 3.644 MB.

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Free Up Space

To reduce the total size of your stored BlitzMail messages, consider removing enclosures from stored messages (after saving the enclosure to your local disk if it needs to be preserved), deleting stored messages, or saving stored messages to your local disk, then deleting the stored messages. In BlitzMail, clicking the column headings in your In Box (for example, Sender, Subject, Recipient, etc.) will sort the messages in your In Box by that column heading. Sorting all your messages by Sender or Size may be a useful way to quickly select blocks of messages to be deleted or from which to save and then delete enclosures. One common place where people can regain space is by emptying their trash or deleting enclosures from messages in their Sent Msgs folders.

If you have questions about:

  • How to remove enclosures
  • Delete stored messages
  • Save stored messages to a file on your computer

please contact the IT Service Desk (Help Desk) at 646-2999 and select from the options provided, send e-mail to, or call your department's IT support office.

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Last Updated: 2/25/10