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Alumni E-Mail Transition

March 12, 2014 - Alumni BlitzMail Services will be DISABLED

Alumni have until that date to:

  • Set up their email forwarding address; and
  • Move all content they wish to keep out of their Alumni BlitzMail account.

Follow these 4 steps to be prepared for March 12:

  1. Know your Dartmouth NetID and set up your password if you have not already done so. Go to Dartmouth's Directory Manager for both.
  2. If you don't have a non-Dartmouth email account, create one using Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! or any other email service.
  3. Once you know your Dartmouth NetID and password and have a non-Dartmouth email account, then you must contact by email or by phone the Alumni Help Desk. This is a required step because your account must be transitioned by the Help Desk. Reach the Alumni Help Desk via email at or via phone at (603) 646-3202 or toll free at (855) 215-9024. Hours for alumni support:
    • Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. eastern time
    • Saturday and Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. eastern time
  4. Move content from your Alumni BlitzMail Account by logging into "the Basement" (named by student programmers years ago) using your NetID and password.

If you already have taken these steps, thank you, and thanks to all of you who will do so before March 12.

For more information see:

Alumni Email Transition

In 2011, Dartmouth decided to offer matriculated Dartmouth students an e-mail address for life. This means that the address they get when they matriculate at Dartmouth will be theirs to use for the rest of their life. Since the vast majority of alumni already forward their Dartmouth e-mail to free commercial e-mail services that better meet their needs – and are much better at blocking spam and other unwanted messages - Dartmouth made the decision to transition all accounts to this "e-mail address for life" service as well. By the end of 2013, Dartmouth will retire the College-administered e-mail service used by some alumni (BlitzMail) and instead offer addresses to all alumni.

It is important to note that the "e-mail address for life" service is an account with an e-mail address, but does NOT have a mailbox attached to it. Dartmouth will provide you with the tools to forward your address to any other e-mail account you own, such as gmail or hotmail. This means that you can give out your address when you start as a student and know that this address will always be yours – not just for the time you are in Hanover.

To help you manage this change, the Alumni Help Desk (603) 646-3202, will provide alumni with information (see below) on how to obtain, setup, and configure free e-mail accounts that are offered by Microsoft or Google. They will also assist with configuring those accounts to allow you to send e-mail from your new address. This will allow you to receive and send mail from a Microsoft or Google account but using a address.

For graduating students: your e-mail address will stay the same but approximately 60 days after commencement your mailbox will be removed. Prior to this time, your address should be forwarded to a non-Dartmouth account. Information will be sent to you during the spring term regarding this transition, giving you time to migrate any messages or contacts to another non-Dartmouth account.

8 Steps to a Successful E-mail Transition:

  • Know your NetID: When you log in you will be prompted for your NetID. If you can't remember what it is, you can find it at Click the Lookup your NetID link on that page. In the window that appears, type your first and last name. Do not press Enter. If more than one account is displayed, click on the line with your complete name. Your NetID will appear.
  • Set Forwarding on Your Account: Log into Dartmouth's Directory Manager system ( and set the forwarding on your account to another non-Dartmouth e-mail address that you own.
  • Migrate Any Messages You Want Retained: If you have used BlitzMail in the past, log into your account and review any messages there. If there are any you want to keep, forward them to your non-Dartmouth account.
  • Migrate Any Addresses You Want Retained: If you have used BlitzMail in the past, log into your account and review the personal mailing lists you have there. Set up these same mailing lists in your non-Dartmouth account and test those lists to ensure you transferred the addresses correctly.
  • Remove BlitzMail from any Computers Your Own: Once your transition date arrives, remove the BlitzMail application from any computer you own so that you don't accidently log back into your account and wonder where all your new mail is.
  • Watch for e-mail updates for specific information informing you of your transition date. We will be sending you more detailed e-mails, including the date on which your account will transition. After this date, if you have not set forwarding on your account, e-mail sent to your account will be returned to the sender as undeliverable.
  • Have a mobile device (smartphone, iPad, etc.)? Delete your and/or account from this device before your transition date.
  • Update your contact information with your new address. If you have your e-mail address on any business cards, resumes, etc. update those places to reflect your new address.

Other Information You Should Know About the Alumni E-mail Transition: 

  • Once your account moves, use your NetID to log in to systems instead of your user name.
  • Your new primary Dartmouth e-mail address will be your name, followed by a class designation (e.g., or
  • If you currently use the BlitzMail program to check your e-mail, you'll need to use a different program.

Questions? Feedback? Contact us.

Last Updated: 3/31/14