2020 MIND Summer School: Interacting Minds

Organizing Committee: Luke Chang, Jeremy Manning, Matthijs van der Meer, & Courtney Rogers

Advisory Board: Jim Haxby, Dan Rockmore, & Thalia Wheatley

Dates: August 5-August 15, 2020

Location: The Hanover Inn & Moore Hall, Hanover, NH

Sponsored by the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, Neukom Institute, Research Computing, and the National Science Foundation

We are thrilled to announce that our 4th annual Methods in Neuroscience at Dartmouth Computational Summer School will focus on the topic of How do minds interact? from the perspectives of social, cognitive, and systems neuroscience. We will cover topics such as communication, mentalizing, synchronization, social networks, and more.

This year’s faculty includes:
  •  Bahador Bahrami (University College London)
  • Emily Falk (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Daoyun Ji (Baylor College of Medicine)
  • Carolyn Parkinson (University of California Los Angeles)
In addition, we are excited to showcase our newly recruited faculty at Dartmouth:
  • Emily Finn
  • Arjen Stolk
  • Mark Thornton
  • Tor Wager
which will complement our core MIND faculty:
  • Luke Chang
  • Yaroslav Halchenko
  • James Haxby
  • Jeremy Manning
  • Meghan Meyer
  • Matt van der Meer
  • Thalia Wheatley
Application deadline is April 15th, 2020.  Please view our website for more information, and to see past lectures and tutorials.

Past summer schools

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2018: Narratives & Naturalistic Contexts

2019: Cognitive Maps