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Studio Art

Architecture, drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and sculpture

One department with many options. That's Studio Art. Choices that invite students to explore and enjoy the arts, courses that encourage them to express themselves and their ideas, a place where they can discover unknown talents and learn new skills. Demonstrations and critiques are an integral part of classes, as is the ongoing discussion of the historical, contemporary, and cultural contexts of art and artists. Experienced students and students with no prior experience are all welcome. Professors are practicing artists whose teaching is informed by years of ongoing studio practice, as well as participation in the contemporary art world.

Studio Art classes are for everyone: medical students take figure drawing and sculpture to help them understand the body, creative writing students take pointers from art critiques to the analysis of their own work (and often create their own books along the way), engineering majors learn how to design aesthetically as well as structurally, and athletes bring their intense discipline to their studio time.

Everyone learns to look. Studio art changes how you think, learn, and see the world around you. It changes your life.


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Last Updated: 4/6/15