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Year of the Arts Faculty Grants

The Year of the Arts executive steering committee is delighted to announce that the Dean of Faculty Office, in collaboration with the Year of the Arts, has funded seventeen Year of the Arts faculty grant proposals. The funded projects range from musical performances and sound installations to an iron-casting workshop and an exhibition of bone daggers from Papua New Guinea.

Year of the Arts Faculty Grants were awarded through a competitive application and review process. Faculty were encouraged to submit project-proposals for grants up to $4000. Projects could be curricular, co-curricular, or extra-curricular, with the only requirements being that projects be (a) arts-related; (b) commence prior to the end of the fall 2013 term; and (c) take place on campus. Proposals that promised broad, campus wide interest, demonstrate collaboration among departments or organizations, or that engaged students were particularly valued. See full list of grant projects below.

Year of the Arts faculty grants are generously supported by the Office of the President and the Office of the Provost as part of Dartmouth's Year of the Arts initiative in collaboration with the Dean of the Faculty.

List of grant recipients

Cherríe Moraga artist/speaker visit
October 15–17, 2012
Proposer: Irma Mayorga, Department of Theater

Sound Art at Dartmouth: Sound/Unsound
November 12–16, 2012, Hop Garage
February 1–6, 2013, Norrebro FestSpiel, Denmark
Proposer: Spencer Topel, Department of Music

Dartmouth/Haiti: An Arts Connection (in conjunction with "Dartmouth and Haiti at the Crossroads" conference)
February 20–22, 2013
Proposer: Jack Wilson, Department of Studio Art

No Kill Shelter exhibition
April 2–May 5, 2013
Proposer: Jodie Mack, Department of Film & Media Studies

Illustration, Comics and Animation conference
April 19–21, 2013
Proposer: Michael Chaney, Department of English

Tesla Panel Discussion and Technology Fair
April 4, 2013
Proposer: Charles Sullivan, Thayer School of Engineering

A Man with Luggage: Cristóbal Toral at the Hood
April 23-26, 2013
Proposer: José del Pino, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Chinese Calligraphy and Manuscript Art
May 6, 2013
Proposer: Wen Xing, Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures

Digital Arts Exhibition v. 2
May 8-16, 2012
Proposers: Lorie Loeb, Department of Computer Science; Dan Kotlowitz, Department of Theater; Jodie Mack, Department of Film and Media Studies; Spencer Topel, Department of Music; and others

Caribbean Poetics: Rethinking Contemporary Poetry in the Americas with Christian Campbell
May 11-14, 2013
Proposer: Reena Goldthree, African and African American Studies Program

Playing for Peace: Residency, Commission and Performance
November 11-14, 2013
Proposer: Sally Pinkas, Department of Music

Creativity Workshop and Artist Talk by Claudio Valdes Kuri
Fall term 2013
Proposer: Analola Santana, Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Bone Daggers and the Biomechanics of Beauty exhibition
Fall term 2013–April 2014, Silsby Hall
Proposers: Nate Dominy, Department of Anthropology; Kyle Heppenstall, Class of 2013; Katherine Hart, Hood Museum of Art; and Douglas Van Citters, Thayer School of Engineering

Iron-Casting Workshop by Artists Alison Ouellette-Kirby and Noah Kirby
Fall term 2013
Proposer: Soo Young Park, Department of Studio Art

Visit and Installation by Filmmaker Phil Solomon
Fall term 2013
Proposer: Mark Williams, Department of Film & Media Studies

The Art of Presidential Speechwriting: Writing, Speaking, and Writing for Speaking
Fall term 2013
Proposers: Josh Compton; Claudia Anguiano; Christiane Donahue, Institute for Writing and Rhetoric

Tse Go La: At the Threshold of this Life
Fall term 2013
Proposer: Sienna Craig, Department of Anthropology


Last Updated: 2/22/17