The Sing Dynasty is Dartmouth College's premier pop and folk a cappella group.

Since the group's founding nearly a decade ago, the Sings have prided themselves in their commitment to extending membership on the sole basis of vocal excellence and performance. Upholding this standard has continuously distinguished us as a remarkably diverse and undeniably talented organization on campus.

Affectionately called the Sings, the members of the Dartmouth Sing Dynasty perform all of their own arrangements and choreography. The Sings have an eclectic repertoire compiled from a variety of musical genres including contemporary pop, folk, R&B, musical theatre, alternative, and Dartmouth traditionals, among others. The group tours the nation annually, and has performed at various venues in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, New York, Chicago, and Boston.

The group's first album, entitled "Ask Me About My Flannel", was released in spring 2013, with a second, entitled "Live Free or Dynasty", due to be released in fall 2016.

Each fall, offers of membership are extended to selected students following a competitive audition process.

Sings News and Events

Winter Tour 2015

The Sings perform the naval hymn at the USS Arizona Pearl Harbor memorial during the annual Blackened Canteen Ceremony. Past tour locations have included venues in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and San Diego, among others.

Bridging the generation gap

The Sings pose with members of the Dartmouth club of Hawaii at the Hokua Towers.

Singing and Sunshine

After performing for students at the 'Iolani School, the Sings take a moment to relax under the beautiful Hawaiian sun.

It's called style; some have it and some don't

Nick Vernice '18 and Greg Medeiros '18 make a bold and decisive fashion statement.