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Athletics Field House

Dartmouth College Athletics Department is pursuing construction of a new Athletics Field House to accommodate training for several varsity athletic programs including football, men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s lacrosse, baseball and softball. As the northernmost Ivy League school, Dartmouth faces both training and recruiting disadvantages due to a shortage of indoor practice space. The only existing indoor field space, Leverone Field House, falls short of meeting demand during frigid and inclement weather, and it is also the primary practice and competition venue for indoor track and field. A second large indoor space would improve training conditions for both intercollegiate athletes as well as club sports and other recreational activities that currently have little or no access to practice space.

The proposed new building will be located on the “sunken garden” site, directly east of the Boss Tennis Center. Goals of the new facility are to:

  • Facilitate student-athlete access with an on-campus location
  • Maximize field space while staying within Town of Hanover zoning restrictions
  • Include essential support spaces
  • Minimize other amenities to contain total project costs (i.e. no air conditioning)


Upcoming Project Milestones

  • Construction begins:  TBD
  • Construction complete:  TBD


Project Team

Last Updated: 7/19/16