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Gender Research Institute at Dartmouth

217 Wilson Hall
6256 Hinman Box
Hanover, NH
03755-3529 USA
Phone: + (1) 603 646-8867
Fax: + (1) 603 646 0998


What We Do


       The Gender Research Institute (GRID) encourages, facilitates, and showcases gender-related research, teaching, and social engagement that address why the 21st century is still a time profoundly structured by gender, racial, ethnic, sexual, and economic inequality.

       GRID is a meeting ground where researchers, teachers, students, outreach professionals, and scholar-activists from across the globe come together to study, debate, and translate intellectual discussion and practical experience into projects of social justice on a multitude of local, national, and international scales.


Interesting News and Events



The Gender Research Institute would like to commend the Editorial Board at The Dartmouth for ensuring that the journalistic practices of the newspaper remain rigorous and well-informed. Zachary's Benjamin's article is a testament to this mission.

Letter from the Editors of The Dartmouth - May 13,2016 (Here)

The editors of The Dartmouth have published a letter to address its previous articles and issue an apology. 

"Students and Professors Respond to GRID Panel" - May 13, 2016 (Here)

Zachary Benjamin of The Dartmouth wrote a follow up article on "Archipelagic Entanglements" after accessing and listening to the recording of the panel. 

GRID Director Response to Defamation Charges by The D - May 9, 2016 (Here)

Bully Bloggers Letter to the Editors of The Dartmouth - May 9, 2016 (Here)


***CANCELLATION: 6/1 Event with Marisol de la Cadena is cancelled***

(5/31 Event is still happening!) 

Distinguished GRID Fellow, James Nachtwey, wins Spain's Princess of Asturias communications and humanities prize 

Famed US photographer James Nachtwey is the second Distinguished GRID Fellow to win this award--the first one being Martha Nussbaum. For more information, click here

"Gender Matters: Feminist Ecologies and Materialisms" Website is here!




Last Updated: 5/27/16